Broward Graduation Ceremonies Will be Held Virtually from June 15 – 28

Broward Graduation Ceremonies Will be Held Virtually from June 15 – 28

Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) Superintendent Robert W. Runcie has announced that graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2020 will take place in a virtual environment.

Runcie gave a presentation on the District’s decision to host virtual graduation ceremonies honoring the achievements of BCPS high school seniors. Traditional graduation ceremonies, a customary celebration for students and their families, had to be altered due to restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic.

“After completing more than a decade of schooling, you have reached a proud milestone and are ready to jump into the next chapter of life,” Runcie said. “With the education and training you have received, you are well prepared to be successful on whatever path you take. Our goal is to use technology to make your graduation personal and memorable.”

Over the past few weeks, administrators and teachers have met with seniors and representatives from across the District to consider graduation options and receive their input on plans.

The decision was made that virtual graduation ceremonies for each high school will take place June 15 – 28, 2020, and will include all of the traditional pomp and circumstance, including speeches and roll call of graduates.

Each graduation ceremony will broadcast live on BECON-TV and streamed live.

The date for each school’s graduation, along with more details, will be announced on Friday, May 1.

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