Broward Leaders Hope to Avoid County Shutdown

Broward leaders hope to avoid county shutdown

Broward County leaders are hoping a county-wide shutdown will not have to be imposed, but they are concerned it will be necessary if the number of coronavirus cases keep going up.

An 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew is now in effect. Also, efforts are being made to stop large house parties, which actually are major factor in the spread of coronavirus.

During a conference, Broward Commissioner Vice Mayor Steve Geller said too many people are not following county rules meant to slow the spread of the coronavirus and this is leading to the increase in cases.

Geller said people who don’t follow rules involving the wear of face masks and social distancing could lead to the county government being forced to shut down.

He and other leaders have said they don’t want to do this because it will harm many businesses and cause people to lose their jobs. Geller also criticized city code enforcement personnel for not taking action against people and businesses that are not following the rules. He said there’ve been close to 5,000 complaints of violations and just under 70 citations.

Broward Mayor Dale Holness is also insisting that everyone wear their mask in pubic and practice social distancing.

Governor Ron DeSantis has been criticized by many local leaders and public health officials for opening the state too soon. They believe this has contributed to the dramatic increase in coronavirus cases and deaths. During conferences, DeSantis has said he does not want to shut down the state again.

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