Broward voters to decide on Penny Infrastructure tax

Broward County voters will see two sales tax proposals on the November 8 ballot. During a recent meeting, the Broward County Commission voted 5-3 to place these proposals on the ballot.

One is a transportation tax of ¾ of a penny for transportation projects, with a twenty year limit and will require an independent oversight board. The other tax is a one cent infrastructure tax that some cities supported. There is no limit on that proposal and no oversight board. Each tax funds different projects.

The idea of the proposed surtax is to shore up holes in Broward County’s transportation budget. “We recognize that Broward has many more needs than can be met by the funds the Federal Gov’t anticipates to make available,” said Dick Blattner, Hollywood Commissioner and Chair of the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization. “It has become apparent that an additional funding source will be needed if we are serious about increasing public transportation, fixing roads and sidewalks, reducing congestion,” said Blattner.

Currently, the sales tax in Broward County is six percent. If both proposals pass, the sales tax would be 7.75 percent, according to Kimberly Maroe, spokesperson for Broward County.

Hollywood Commissioner Dick Blattner said he was disappointed in the decision by the County Commission. “This is not over and there will be some legal challenges to what the County has done. Too many people did not represent the cities they are elected to represent,” said Blattner.


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