Funky Fashionable Finds Abound Downtown at Buffalo Exchange

BUY, SELL OR TRADE: Buffalo Exchange is Changing Hollywood’s Fashion Outlook One Vintage Piece at a Time

“Oh no,” I thought, as I looked quickly at the window of the new clothing store on Hollywood Boulevard, “another tacky clothing store with absolutely nothing I’d ever wear. “ But happily, I was wrong! Upon closer inspection, I found that Buffalo Exchange was not only not one of those, but like nothing I’d ever seen!

Hip in Hollywood

Buffalo Exchange is perhaps the most unique concept in fashion that Hollywood Boulevard, actually Hollywood Florida, has ever seen.   The grand space showcases a mix of new, used, some vintage and some one-of-a-kind clothing, accessories and footwear for men and women in unique displays that flow perfectly with the fun, beautiful, special spirit that is our Hollywood.23517943 10154968563321820 8948457524506767059 n

The store is part of a national company based in Tucson, AZ, started in 1974. We’ve got the only one in Florida. (Owner Kerstin Block, originally from Sweden, thought the word “Buffalo” sounded very American.)  Since then, the company has grown to 49 stores in 20 states and continues to be run by Kerstin and her daughter Rebecca.

23561472 10154966393781820 1551393724496986121 nWalking into the store, I was impressed with the young, hip and fashionable staff, knowledgeable and helpful, as well as the wide variety of merchandise available. In October, the store also featured racks of both new and used Halloween costumes, and I found the missing piece I needed.

Besides their stores, Buffalo Exchange maintains a strong online presence, including their fabulous website,, as colorful and interesting as the stores themselves,  filled with company info, fashion and style tips and visuals, news on current needs, charity updates, and how-to’s on selling by mail. The company puts out an in house magazine that’s also replicated on the site.

Buy, Sell or Trade Your Clothes

The store is always buying and selling and you have the choice of selling for cash or for store credit on the spot.  Store managers will determine a selling price and give you 30% in cash or 50% in store credit.

Clothes must be in good shape, freshly washed, and fit the style profile of the Buffalo Exchange customer. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be dazzled by the array of beautiful selections available and you’ll never leave the store with a penny in your pocket, but you will take home an armful of new stuff for your closet.

Giving Back

More than just a clothing store, and even more than a fashion authority, Buffalo Exchange is committed to giving back to the communities it operates in.  Beyond its main purpose of reusing and recycling clothing, it has put in place a variety of socially and environmentally conscious practices including:

Tokens for Bags®–  Shoppers can donate to local charities in place of taking shopping bags — Since 1994, Buffalo Exchange has raised over $700,000 for thousands of local nonprofits and has kept over 14 million plastic bags from polluting the environment.

Earth Day $1 Day Sale — Since 1997, over $600,000 has been raised for various environmental causes.

Coats for Cubs — Buffalo Exchange’s annual Coats for Cubs fur drive collects real furs to provide bedding and comfort to orphaned and injured wildlife.

Buffalo Exchange Arts Award — annually honors emerging artists who have made outstanding contributions to the arts. Since its inception, over $199,000 has been awarded to the inspirational artists of southern Arizona.


Visit Buffalo Exchange at 1916 Hollywood Blvd, or call them at (954)921-6589 to find out when you can bring in your used or unused clothing and accessories to trade. Buffalo Exchange Hollywood is open seven days a week. Call for hours.


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Author: Amanda Jones

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