Businesses on western perimeter of Young Circle soon to face new "right-of-way" fees

Businesses along the western perimeter of Young Circle are soon to face new “right of way” charges. Restaurants on the western stretch of Young Circle with tables on Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) owned right-of-ways are going to feel the effect of this revision.

Businesses that make use of their sidewalk space by adding extra seating on the pavement have always been subject to fees. Previously, business owners that wanted to use their sidewalk commercially were charged $25 per table, at a minimum of $150 per year.

Last year, FDOT revised its fees from being based simply on amount of tables to measure the charge based on square footage of space used. As the regulation takes effect, businesses will pay $3.50 per square foot of FDOT-owned sidewalk space. Cumulatively, $11,200 is projected to be paid by the seven businesses affected.

The business to be affected include: Peruvian Kitchen; Mama Mia; Habano Bar Café; Sushi Room; Iron Sushi; Starbucks and Valet Operations.

City staff is looking at modifying the fee structure to be more in line with the market value for all entities that use the public right of way. Any additional revenue realized would be used to cover the cost of implementing the program. This will be discussed at an upcoming Commission meeting.

Picture of Author: Amanda Jones
Author: Amanda Jones

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