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Hundreds of Faith Leaders from Throughout Florida Call on Local Sheriffs, State Attorney, Police Chiefs to Stop Arresting Children

For many years Florida has had the notorious distinction of leading the country in youth arrest rates. Footage of an Orlando School...

Long-time Hollywood Resident Runs for Her First Public Office — in Retirement

By Steve Schneider Marie Woodson's dad wanted her to become a medical doctor.  But her family didn't have the...

U.S. Term Limits to FL Senate Dems: Listen to Your Party Base

With news emerging that the Florida Senate Democratic Caucus may be opposing school board term limits (SJR 1216), the nation’s leading term...

Broward PBA president borrows dirty tactics from defunct law firm playbook to target Hollywood Police Chief

Hollywood Police Chief Frank Fernandez   You've probably never heard of Lackie, Dammier & MCGill, a now-defunct Orange County California law firm. If you...