Hollywood’s Own Superwoman: Chamber Board President Sara Lavenka Wins National Bodybuilding Competition

We all know Sara Lavenka as the 2018 President of the Board of Directors of Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.  And most people know that she’s also a senior mortgage originator for Mortgage Masters, where she’s been working for almost 20 years.  

But it’s always so interesting to find out what our business colleagues do when they’re off the clock.  And while Lavenka packs a lot of power into her petite physique, you may be surprised to learn that she recently took first place at an NPC National Show where she won her division and earned her Pro Card to the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding.  And it’s only the second competition she’s ever participated in!

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“I won my class in my first show which earned me a spot a Nationals where I then won my class again and earned my Pro Card to the IFBB,” she explained proudly.

Lavenka has always been athletic, having studied ballet, played soccer and softball and rode ATVs since childhood.  Mostly, recently, she’d been focusing on CrossFit, and working with a nutritional coach.  But just last October, while in the gym with her sports trainer husband, she took an interest in weightlifting.  

She quickly jumped into it full-force, changed her diet and workout routine and started training.  In less than a year, she went from newbie to champion.

Working out is a way of life for Lavenka.

“If I can’t start my day in the gym, I like to end my day there,” she said.  “It helps me figure things out.”

And it is exactly this determination and doggedness that make Lavenka so successful at work, taking care of our Chamber of Commerce and having a personal life while contributing so fully to her city and her favorite causes.

Currently, in her spare time, the Miami native is very passionate about her involvement in the upcoming Grapes for Grades event being presented by Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and benefiting The Hollywood Florida Scholarship Foundation.

“It really impacts kids and gives some of them the opportunity to go to college,” she said. The event takes place on Friday, Sept. 28 at the Gallery of Amazing Things in Dania.

In addition, she’s been involved for several years with the Hollywood Jaycees serving as president from 2011-2013.  And her newest passion is the Hollywood Police Athletic League.  “The building is a beautiful and totally underutilized facility, and it’s not just about the sports,” she asserted.  “They have a computer lab and more, and it’s a wonderful place for kids to go.”

But for Sara Lavenka, mostly, it is, a lot, about the sports.  She loves the benefits of exercise, and she always has.

“Working out gives me peace of mind,” she said. “It brings me peace.”

For more information, call Lavenka at 954-699-3109 or email her at saralavenka@yahoo.com.

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photo: Carlos Perez



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