Chaminade-Madonna defeats McArthur 21-12

Chaminade-Madonna defeats McArthur 21-12

Chaminade-Madonna defeated McArthur 21 to 12.

McArthur scored first on a blocked field goal. McArthur’s Kevin Knowles picked up the ball from the blocked field goal and ran it back around 90 yards for a touchdown.

For most of the first half, the game was a defensive struggle as the teams battled it out on the field. Chaminade-Madonna came close to scoring three times in the first half but was stopped by a tough McArthur defense. The Mustangs blocked a field goal, stopped the Lions within a few yards of the endzone, and Jerrold Pough intercepted a pass for McArthur.

Late in the first half, Torrie Cox Jr. intercepted a pass and returned if for a touchdown. On the next offensive play for McArthur, the Lions recovered a fumble. Then on the next offensive play for Chaminade-Madonna, quarterback Alex Law threw a pass to Joshua Jenkins for a 24 yard touchdown play.

At the beginning of the second half, the Lions’ Thaddius Franklin scored a touchdown on a five yard run. Then the game returned to a defensive struggle as both teams battled it out on the field. Late in the game, McArthur’s Jaylen Taylor scored on a two yard run. The Mustangs tried to get a two point conversion but the pass from Horace Atkins was incomplete.

Frankin was  a top performer for Chaminade-Madonna with 145 yards rushing on 31 carries.

The McArthur versus Chaminade game was a cross-town rivalry. The schools are very close to each other. The game was very well attended with enthusiastic fans. The players were also very excited about the game and played with intensity. Both Chaminade-Madonna and McArthur have very strong football traditions.

Last year, the Lions won a state championship in their classification and McArthur advanced to the state playoffs. Also, the two teams have many highly regarded players who are expected to play college football next year.

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