Changes underway at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport

Major changes are now underway at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. The airport is in the middle of a $3.2 billion capital improvement program to modernize all of its terminals, and to enhance the customer experience.

Terminal Two is being modernized with a new roof, including a new Delta Sky Club on the mezzanine level. There will be new concession and bathrooms.

Design plans are being finalized and work is being done on pricing to build connectors between terminals one and two and then terminals two and three. 

Connectors between three and four have been completed. Once the connector project has been completed, people will be able to access the entire airport and only have to go through security once.

“We have upgraded pedestrian crosswalks from the garages to the terminals,” said Gregory Meyer, spokesperson for the airport.

The airport has installed new lighting and signs in the garages, and is installing new illuminated and dynamic signs along the terminal curbsides. These signs can be changed easily.

Also, the airport has installed traffic signals on the lower levels of terminal two, three and four.

At terminal four, concourse G has just opened. There are 14 new gates, 12 which can accommodate international flights. And airport leaders are finalizing the master plan which will show what the future airport will look like.

A $95 million runway rehabilitation project was recently completed. Portions of the runway dated back to 1943 when the airport was a Naval training base for pilots. The old runway was removed and replaced with a concrete keel, the center and strongest part of the runway and where the heaviest use takes place.

The shoulder was completed with asphalt. New taxiways were installed. These taxiways allow planes to move faster to and from the runways.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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