Chanteuse on the Loose (in Hollywood)

Levi migrated from Israel to Hollywood seven-years ago (it wasn’t altogether
random; she had a friend in South Beach and needed a landing pad).

is, and has always been, a singer/songwriter. In Israel she studied under
renowned singer, actress and vocal-coach Nira Gal (Moran worked as a singing
waitress to pay for her lessons).

motivation for the move to our neck-of-the-woods was Moran’s keen desire to
expand her artistic ambitions. Moran simply wanted to get into the stream of
things—hit our shores, learn the language, immerse in the culture and evolve
her skills.

a process, which can best be described as kismet blending, she found her way…

remember literally going door-to-door with a flash drive and a burning desire
to get anyone to give me the
opportunity to sing.

had the good fortune of meeting Elio de Dominicis who had a steady gig at Chow
(now the Greek Joint). He took me under his wing and we began working

some point Moran met a producer at Trifecta Recording Studios and was soon
recording her first CD of original compositions.

is currently collaborating with producers from all over the world. “They send me
a musical score—I write the lyrics, record my tracks and send them back.”

heard Moran sing—she’s got pipes, presence and range—there seems no genre she
can’t conquer.  Her stage presence is
delightfully, sightfully smooth…

has recently been named Entertainment Director at Atelier 3 and will be lining
up talent for live performances (interested parties can reach her at

can also see Hollywood’s favorite chanteuse every Tuesday and every other
Thursday on the Main Stage at the Mardi Gras Casino (from 8pm til 11pm)…

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Author: Amanda Jones

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