Checkmate! Hollywood hosts Mayor’s Chess Challenge

Hollywood hosts Mayor’s Chess Challenge

A group of chess enthusiasts got together last weekend at the David Park Community Center to participate in the Mayor’s Chess Challenge. Most of the participants were young and they enjoyed spending time together playing a game they love.

Paul DeLuca led the event. He teaches chess at the Sunshine State Academy and enjoyed watching the young play chess.

“Chess is a good activity for young children. It helps them focus and learn to concentrate and it helps them develop critical thinking skills. It also helps them learn to simplify complex situations,” said DeLuca.

Jason Hegedus brought his son to the event. “Chess is a fun activity and it helps them develop critical thinking skills,” he said.

Ryan Maxon participated in the tournament. “I like to play chess. It is a fun game and you always have to plan ahead,” he said.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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