Choose Peace – Stop Violence is recognized by Hollywood Commission

Choose Peace - Stop Violence is recognized by Hollywood Commission

Bullying and conflicts among students have been a problem in many school environments. A group of Hollywood Hills High School students are working to reduce and eliminate this issue on campus. They are known as Choose Peace Stop Violence. Members were recognized during a recent Hollywood Commission meeting. They received a proclamation in honor of Choose Peace – Stop Violence Week.

Alyah Gomez, president of Choose Peace-Stop Violence believes it is very important to create a culture of tolerance, respect and friendship on campus. She and other members work to make all students feel accepted and cared for.  “We want to eliminate bullying,” Gomez said. “If we see a student who is sitting alone we ask them to join us. We say hello to students. We want to make people feel accepted at school.”

Maryann Noriega, a leader in the club also wants to help others. “We want to help people. We want to bring the community together,” she said.

Choose Peace – Stop Violence has participated in many events at Hollywood Hills. Carmen Natal, the club’s advisor, is proud of the work the members have done and believes they are making a positive difference at the school.

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