City of Hollywood agrees to new purchases

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The City of Hollywood will soon have new police cars. The Commission agreed to a purchase order between Stingray Chevrolet and the City of Hollywood for 24 new 2017 Chevrolet Caprice police patrol vehicles in the amount of $774,024.

The Commission also agreed to an expenditure of federal law enforcement forfeiture funds to provide funding for two mobile video surveillance trailers containing Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras in an amount not to exceed $95,000. The CCTV cameras will show police what is taking place in certain areas of the city, and if a suspect leaves the scene in a car, the license plate reader will pick up the plate so police can be dispatched to pursue the vehicle.

An agreement between Liberia Economic and Social Development, Inc. and the City of Hollywood was given the green light for construction of a single-family home on lot block 9, Greene Street in the Liberia Neighborhood using Home Investment Partnership and Community Housing And Development Organization Set-Aside Funds for an amount not to exceed $89,336.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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