City Leaders Are Beginning to Promote Hollywood General Obligation Bond Idea

Hollywood City Staff are beginning the effort to promote the idea of a general obligation bond to city residents. They are also trying to see how much interest there might be for such a bond, which would mean additional taxes for homeowners.

Raelin Storey and other staff members have been going to neighborhood organization meetings to talk with residents and see what they might be willing to vote for. There are three options being discussed for the bond. A very large bond could pay for a new police station, a new city hall and various improvements to streets, parks, and lighting. A mid-level bond would also pay for infrastructure improvements as would a lower cost bond.

During meetings, residents have said they want to see big improvements at the Orangebrook Golf and Country Club. Some would like to see a world-class golf course that would be suitable for tournaments as well as a golf course for more casual golfers.

“Right now we are gauging the interest of residents to see what they might want and what they would vote for. We may find out there are some things people won’t vote for,” said Joann Hussey, spokesperson for the city government.

Even though some residents might not be eager to pay for a new police station and city hall, both buildings are considered old and outdated. There is a need for other infrastructure improvements throughout Hollywood as well.

Picture of Author: Amanda Jones
Author: Amanda Jones

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