City Manager speaks at Hollywood Chamber breakfast

City Manager speaks at Hollywood Chamber Breakfast

Dr. Wazir Ishmael, Hollywood City Manager, gave a speech on the state of the city to the Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce breakfast at the Diplomat Beach Resort Hollwood. He discussed some of the challenges the city faces and the positive things that are happening. He also asked the audience to participate by responding to a few questions through apps.

He said Hollywood is close to 100 years old and the city can have a very bright future. “The future is now. There are big changes to come to urban landscapes,” said Ishmael.

He said in the future many people will live in shared spaces. They will have a bedroom and other private areas but they might share a kitchen and living room area.

He said that more people will get around in driverless cars or use ride sharing services. He also encouraged people to consider making small scale infrastructure improvements by doing something like planting a tree.

“The economy is healthy, and we have healthy reserves. Our population is growing,” he said.

Hollywood is benefiting with the construction of new hotels and new industry. The GO Bond means more money for improvements in Hollywood. Ishmael believes that overall, the city is doing well and has a bright future.

Members and guests enjoyed spending time together at the breakfast. They enjoyed the chance to network and socialize.

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