City of Hollywood agrees to contract with Police officers

The City of Hollywood offered its police officers pay increases over the next two years. Officers will receive a 13.7 percent increase, sergeants will see an 11.7 percent increase, and lieutenants will receive an 11.8 percent increase. The overall average increase for each officer is 13.35 percent. Individual circumstances may vary.

The contract between the Police Benevolent Association, the union that represents the City’s officers and the City was finalized during a commission meeting on July 17.

The City of Hollywood had a very difficult financial situation that culminated in FY 2011. This resulted in pay cuts and benefit reductions for many city personnel including police officers. The City’s financial circumstances became so dire that it went into Financial Urgency. This allows a City to look at labor contracts and make adjustments.

“Now the economy has improved and the City has undertaken a number of measures to begin restoring benefits and salaries to personnel,” said Raelin Storey, spokesperson for the City of Hollywood.

The City approved pay increases for the Fire Department during a Commission meeting on July 3. Firefighters are represented the International Association of Firefighters. The average pay increase for the City’s firefighters is 13.98 percent.

The City of Hollywood has not reached an agreement with the American Federation and State, County and Municipal Employees.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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