City of Hollywood employees start a chorus; set to perform for Commission Oct. 1

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There is a new music group in town.

The City of  Hollywood Chorus is rehearsing on Tuesday nights after work. It will perform at various city events.

It was developed by Co-Workers Aiding and Responding to Employees (CARE). Lisa Blouin, member of the CARE Committee came up with the idea of a chorus for City of Hollywood employees. A survey was sent out to employees and there was enough interest to make the chorus a reality. There are now about 11 members in the organization.

The chorus members realized they needed a conductor and reached out to the Hollywood Music Club. The president of the Club, Chai Chien became the conductor.

The chorus members offer interesting backgrounds. Arceli Redila is an associate planner for Hollywood and is an experienced musician. She is a former member of Himig, a choral group from the Philippines that has toured the United States and Canada. She is now also singing with Dinggin, a Philippino-American Choir.

Sheldon Gunter is the athletic coordinator for the City of Hollywood and  has an extensive background in music. He is an associate choir director for his church.

Lisa Wellington has served as a park ranger in the Parks and Recreation Department. She has sung with the Manchester Chorale in Jamaica. She was a member of the police department in Jamaica. 

The new chorus has aspirations of attending various city hall events. They will sing at the City Commission meeting on October 1.

Lisa Blouin is pleased with the new chorus. She said. When we sing as a group we are creating a bond that goes beyond just making new friends. I’m getting to know other people differently on a deeper level. I am inspired the chorus inspires you, makes you feel better and its one of the most amazing things I have ever been involved in. Work is awesome but the chorus makes my work even better.”

The group’s first performance will be September 11 at 11:00 a.m. at City Hall in the lobby. They will sing patriotic songs. Members of the chorus are excited about this opportunity.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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