City of Hollywood Honors AT&T Pioneers with Black History Month Proclamation of Appreciation

In recognition of Black History Month, the local AT&T Pioneers have been honored with a Proclamation of Appreciation from the City of Hollywood for their support of the city’s African American community. The Pioneers are a network of active and retired AT&T employees who donate their time and money to improve local communities.

The AT&T Pioneers have supported numerous organizations within the city, including the Liberia Economic and Social Development Center, and the city’s annual Poetry Slam competition celebrating African-American History Month.





City of Hollywood BHS proclamation
AT&T Pioneer and employee Daphne Dilbert, front row, along with Robert Bobby White, VFW, William Frazier, VFW, Dr. Glenn Bowen, Barry University’s Center for Community Service Initiatives, Arthur Wells, VFW, and Anthony Grisby, liaison to the City of Hollywood’s African American Advisory Council, is honored with a proclamation of appreciation from the City of Hollywood. Back row, Commissioners Debra Case, Peter Hernandez, Traci Callari, Mayor Josh Levy, Commissioners Richard Blattner, Kevin Biederman, and Linda Sherwood.


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