Hollywood Unveils Economic Development Strategic Action Plan

A number of big plans and initiatives are about to happen in Hollywood, and during a recent workshop, a presentation was made on some of the up and coming goals for the city.

The workshop focused on the city’s Economic Development Strategic Action Plan. The vision for which is to be a welcoming, vibrant, sustainable destination city. The Economic Development Strategic Action Plan is designed to set forth the city’s economic development goals, the measurable objectives to be accomplished during the course of this three-year plan from 2019 through 2021 and the strategies and actions required to achieve those goals.

Current economic development initiatives include the implementation of the pilot commercial property improvement program, which allows the city to use tax increment funds to encourage private companies to invest in improving the interior and exteriors of their buildings.

In addition, some other current economic development initiatives include brand implementation for city vehicles, gate signage and city hall signs.

There is continued planning for the general obligation bond referendum and the partnering in the development of RFP for transportation circular service. There is preliminary design work for $1 million in State Road 7 Mobility Hub improvements awarded by the MPO. There is a $200,000 Station Area Master Plan Grant with Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council and CRA.

These priorities include quality of life, business climate, target industry business development, infrastructure and transportation, and corridor and activity center redevelopment. Hollywood is the third largest city in Broward, with more than 150,000 residents and is projected to grow 4.7 percent in the next five years. It is also the third largest labor force in Broward with 78,978 employed people and 1,659 jobs created in 2017.

Some of the objectives for those priorities discussed during the workshop include:

  • Protecting the integrity of residential neighborhoods from commercial intrusion and to support quality commercial development and redevelopment in target areas.
  • Increasing awareness of the regional recreational and cultural amenities available in the city.
  • Increasing awareness of the city’s marine assets and lifestyle.
  • Identifying and implementing measures to enhance the city’s social progress index.
  • Ensuring a robust local incentives program to assist with existing business growth and attraction of target industries.
  • Creating a streamlined development review process that encourages smart growth and redevelopment while allowing the appropriate community input.
  • Increasing awareness of emerging trends and market forces driving development activity in the city and region.
  • Increasing national and regional awareness of Hollywood as an ideal hub for business, maintaining and growing relationships with target industry leaders to support expansion and relocation, fostering an innovation ecosystem through partnerships that support Hollywood as a prime location for new businesses.
  • Enhancing collaboration with federal, state and local transportation agencies to address regional congestion and mobility issues.
  • Position available and underused property for redevelopment aligned with the city’s vision.
  • Focusing on city-wide septic to sewer water main replacement and septic to sewer conversion to support growth, attract business and protect the environment.   

The city has also gained client relationship management software to facilitate a business retention and expansion program. This will increase business visitation to Memorial Regional, Memorial South, Diplomat Resort, Pink Collective, Tribeca Marketing and Chewy.com.

The city has asked that qualified Hollywood Census Tracts be designated as opportunity zones. The Federal government recently approved the governor’s submission of two Hollywood Census Tracts. They include the Liberia area and SF Design and Commerce Park. Also included is South Federal Highway between Hollywood Boulevard and Pembroke Road.

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Author: Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones specializes in social media marketing. She holds a Master's degree in Social Media Management from the University of Florida and a Social Media Professional Certificate from the University of Miami.


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