City of Hollywood Will Purchase New Radio Frequency Identification System for Police Department

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The Hollywood Commission approved a number of major purchases involving the Police Department.

It agreed to a resolution authorizing the expenditure of federal law enforcement forfeiture funds for the purchase of a radio frequency identification system for the Police Department Property and Evidence Unit. The purchase order for this system is with Patterson Pope in the amount of $83,245.

This system will allow police to accurately track, inventory and audit property and evidence. The technology enables data to be scanned and transmitted by a portable device called a tag, which is read by a system reader and processed. It will be installed in the Property and Evidence Unit, consisting of four vaults, and all items in the vaults will be tagged for inventory purposes.

The Commission agreed to allow city leaders to amend an application and if awarded, accept the Fiscal Year 2018 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Derelict Vessel Removal Program Grant in the approximate amount of $20,625. It will allow the contribution of the Florida Inland Navigation District Derelict Vessel Removal Program Grant Funds in the amount of $6,875 as required matching funds for this purpose.

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