Classic Car Show Drives Auto Aficionados to Downtown Hollywood for Monthly Meetup

Over 85 classic cars in Downtown Hollywood’s Dream Car Classic Car Show draw automobile aficionados to Hollywood Boulevard from all over South Florida on the first Sunday of every month.

The cars on display have been lovingly restored by their owners and the show has become very popular. Some of the cars are older models while others are much newer from Corvettes to older model sedans and family cars.

The cars are judged on a variety of categories and 41 trophies were won by the car owners.

“Cobra” Joe Bevelacqua, who runs the show, says that during the season they get about 2,500 to 3,000 people. “People will see an older car and say, I had a car like that in high school,” said Bevelacqua. Others remember dates in cars similar to the ones on display.

Recently-retired Wayne Grammes brought his Corvette. “My wife said she knew I wanted a sports car and encouraged me to get one. I had this car shipped to me and I love it,” he said.

Graham Long brought his 1972 restored VW bus. “I love my bus. This is a nice environment and I like being here,” he said.

Many of the car owners were sitting around and talking to fellow car classic car owners while others were talking to individuals who want to learn more about interesting cars.

IMG 7953
Hollywood Women’s Club at the Classic Car Show


IMG 7951
Wayne Grammes with his classic Corvette


IMG 7948
Robert Aguiar with his Zion XB classic car


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