Commission OKs dumpster rules, funds auto parts, drug treatment

Hollywood welcome sign

If your home is near a business or commercial property, the business must move its dumpster as far from your home as possible. That was a revision on the ordinance approved by the Hollywood Commission on second reading during a recent meeting.

Complaints were received by homeowners that nearby businesses placed enclosed dumpsters too close to residences. The goal is to move the dumpsters away from homes. The ordinance requires enclosures around dumpsters.

The Commission also heard a presentation from a group of high school students in the Youth Ambassador program. They showed a video highlighting the dangers of underage drinking.

JM Auto Parts Enterprises and the City of Hollywood got a green light from the City Commission and were issued a blanket purchase order for the supply and delivery of automotive and truck parts, accessories and supplies for an estimated expenditure of $190,000.

The Commission also approved a resolution authorizing a donation of law enforcement forfeiture funds, involving Florida’s Contraband Forfeiture Act, in support of community organizations and local agencies that provide drug treatment, drug abuse education, drug prevention and crime prevention and safe neighborhood programs, in the amount of $79,000.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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