Commission wants more time to decide whether additional policing in Emerald Hills is necessary

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Hollywood commissioners are still not sure whether or not to create an Emerald Hills Safety Enhancement District. During a recent meeting, the City Commission postponed a decision on the matter until the first meeting in July. Some residents want additional patrols in their neighborhood while others do not.

During the meeting commissioners discussed various aspects of creating a safety district and whether or not one is really needed. The question of whether not people should be asked to pay for additional policing was raised. Another question involved areas where businesses would pay for additional police presence. A question was raised on whether or not the money paid by businesses for police patrols would include wear on the police cars. Some commissioners said they wanted more information on the matter and more time to make a decision.

Under the plan that is under consideration, the 512 homeowners in Emerald Hills would probably pay $250 annually for the additional patrols. The neighborhood does not have a homeowners association, so the commission must approve the creation of a special taxing district. The residents who would be part of this proposed district live in the area from North 46 Avenue to North 56 Avenue and from Stirling Road to Sheridan Street. There have been off-duty patrols in the past but some residents no longer pay for them. Those who do pay for the patrols pay $700 a year.

Members of the commission want to see how the homeowners feel. Homeowners will get a chance to vote on the matter with a ballot they will receive in the mail. During the meeting, a larger number of people came to voice their opinions. Some want more police patrols and described being burglarized. Others said they do not believe more police protection is necessary.

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