Commission wants Yellow Green Farmers Market to correct problems

People who live near the Yellow Green Farmers Market have complained about too many cars and an overflow of kiosks. Some have spoken at Hollywood Commission meetings.

Vice Mayor Traci Callari said she has had enough during a recent commission meeting. She wants the city to clamp down on violations of city regulations that are taking place there.

The Yellow Green Farmers Market is being put on notice that changes must take place and soon. City attorney Douglas Gonzales sent a letter to the Yellow Green Market.

The letter stated, “The purpose of this correspondence is to place Yellow Green Market on notice that it is in violation of City regulations and Codes pertaining to the use of kiosks on the outside eastern side of the facility where there is a site plan designating parking and disabled parking spaces and NO outside vendors permitted.”

The letter continues, “Demand is hereby made that YGM cease and desist from any further use of the area, except for parking, and remove, as well as properly store or disassemble, all kiosks and other structures from the area no later than Thursday, November 28, 2019. Failure to remove and cease all outside operations will result in the City pursuing all legal remedies available to it.”

According to the Market’s website, The Yellow Green Farmers Market is dedicated to integrating green living in the heart of daily life. All found under on outdoor roof.

Yellow Green is a true farmer’s market providing a bounty of seasonal, fresh foods along with artisan goods created by local artists and craftsmen. It is a seasonal market that is in operation on weekends.

Members of the Hollywood Commission said they were concerned about problems at the Market, but they want to give the Market a chance to make improvements. They were concerned about harming the businesses of the people who operate at the Market. The Yellow Green Farmer’s Market is located at 3080 Sheridan Street.

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