Commissioner Hernandez holds Town Hall meeting and discussion on Royal Poinciana utility project

Work is continuing on the Royal Poinciana Neighborhood Utility Project. The Department of Public Utilities has contracted with Lanzo Construction Company to install new water mains and a new sewer system in the Royal Poinciana neighborhood.

Work will be done in phases now through December 2022 and will take place from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the area of Sheridan Street to Hollywood Boulevard from U.S. 1 to North 21st Avenue.

Phase 1 began on August 7 on 19th Avenue at Sheridan Street heading south to Taylor Street. Construction costs are $22,867,926.

The project includes replacing 84,600 linear feet of water mains within Sheridan Street and Hollywood Boulevard from U.S. 1 to North 21st Avenue. It also includes replacing 1,135 water services lines, installing 26,310 linear feet of sanitary sewer mains within Sheridan Street and Taft Street from U.S. 1 to North 21st Avenue and installing 2,800 linear feet of sanitary forcemain. It includes installing a central sanitary sewer lift station and restoring pavement marking and striping.

During a recent Town Hall meeting held by Commissioner Peter Hernandez, a number of questions were asked by residents about the project. These are a few of the questions and specific answers.

  1. Which lines have to be in front and which have to be in the alley. Basically, what is the projected configuration or template of sewer and water main?

In areas where there  is now system, between Taft Street and Sheridan Street, the sewer main will be mostly installed within the streets/avenues not the alley. The water is already in the alley and will mostly remain in the alley. Where there is no alley way, the water pipes will be relocated within the right of way (streets/avenues) and the water meters relocated at no cost to the property owner.”

2. If a property/block is already hooked up to sewer and water in the alley, will they be moving either of these lines regardless?

 “Nothing will be moved. The water pipe will be replaced in the alley. In your case, only the two water main will be replaced.

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