Commissioner hosts community meeting open to all residents

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Commissioner Debra Case hosted a Commission in the Community meeting that offered people a chance to meet

Commissioner Debra Case hosted the District One Commission in the Community event.

with the mayor and commissioners and enjoy some pizza.

A group residents expressed concern about the signs named after Confederate Generals Nathan Bedford Forrest, Robert E. Lee and John Bell Hood. Many of the people who spoke asked the Commission members to take the signs down. They brought signs saying “Take Them Down.” Some of the speakers gave impassioned speeches saying that he signs represented hatred against African Americans. They said that Confederate generals should not be honored because they fought for slavery.

A group of residents protest Hollywood Street signs named after Confederate generals at Commission in the Community event.

One man said he could not believe the  signs were still up. A woman held up an old newspaper advertisement for Forrest’s slave trading business. A woman said that it might be good for city leaders to be educated on the importance of equality. Another woman gave an impassioned speech on being a victim of racism.

Some residents who live on or near the streets in question said they don’t want the signs removed and that it would be a big inconvenience for them. They said that most of the residents don’t want the signs changed and that those who do want the signs changed don’t live on the streets and mostly concerned about social activism. Speakers said they have lived on the streets for years and want the signs to remain in place. A ballot is being prepared and will be sent to the residents on the streets. But it will be up to the Commission to make the final decision.

There was discussion on the problem of vacation houses in Hollywood. One man said living next to a vacation house was hell and he wanted the loud parties to stop. Others said they want more stronger zoning codes to prevent some of the problems associated with vacation rentals and party houses. They want stronger licensing requirements. Right now, there are about 780 vacation rental operations in Hollywood and only 52 are licensed by the city. This is a problem that many residents and city leaders want to see corrected.

Also, a woman made a recommendation that the City should have a bond to pay for infrastructure improvements and items such as a new police station.

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