Community Enhancement Collaboration Awarded a $40,000 Grant for ‘Feeding Seniors’ Program

Nadine McCrea, founder and executive director of the Community Enhancement Collaboration (CEC) program and a longtime community leader in Washington Park received some good news during the February 21 Commission meeting.

The Hollywood Commission passed a resolution to amend the One Year Action Plan for Federal Fiscal Year 2017-2018 to re-allocate $40,000 of Community Development Block Grant funds to Public Services. This money will go to the CEC and go toward the CEC Feeding Seniors program.

“We are helping seniors in the community who are facing financial difficulties and often don’t have enough money to pay for food and are glad to receive this money,” said McCrea. She runs a food pantry that provides food to families that are facing challenges. She has organized Thanksgiving and Christmas events that provide food and basic items to families in the community.

She attended the meeting with a group of volunteers. Many of the volunteers help to pick up the food while others are involved in delivering it. They are active in the community and want to help those who are in need.

The Community Enhancement Collaboration has provided essential services to the Washington Park community since the organization’s inception in 2004, and CEC has served as a stabilizing force in a previously troubled neighborhood. The organization has been a valuable partner for neighborhood outreach, community empowerment, and neighborhood transformation, according to a City statement.

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