COVID-19 Updates: Broward Students Begin Online Instruction March 30

Broward Schools Distribute Computers to Students

As the Broward County Public School District prepares for its first day of online instruction, the staff at schools in Broward County held a second day of computer device distribution on March 28. About 18,000 devices were issued to parents and guardians to support their children’s new remote learning education, because of school closures prompted by COVID-19.

During a previous distribution, more than 64,000 devices were picked up.

The District offered a second day of distribution to accommodate the schedules of parents who were unable to obtain a device during the first day of distribution.  

“I want to thank our staff for supporting our students and families, and our parents for their patience during this challenging time,” Superintendent Robert Runcie said. “Thank you to our entire Broward community for continuing to come together with us to help us continue to make education available to all our students.”

The devices are part of the District’s efforts to ensure all students have access to online learning, which begins Monday, March 30. On Saturday, parents went to middle and high schools across the District beginning at 8 a.m., completed necessary documentation, and left with tablets and laptops on loan for their children.

Online Instruction Begins March 30

According to Broward County District Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie, teacher interaction and instruction must be for a minimum of three hours each day. The remaining time will be spent on interactive learning activities.

The District’s information technology staff was on hand to ensure students’ connectivity into the learning platform and disinfected the devices as a proactive measure.

City of Hollywood issues Shelter in Place: Safer at Home Policy

On Friday, March 27, the City of Hollywood issued an Emergency Order announcing a Shelter in Place: Safer at Home Policy for residents.

This means that all residents of Hollywood are ordered to remain at home except for those who work in essential businesses or conduct essential activities.

This order does not mean you are required to stay inside, but it does mean your travel is limited to and from essential businesses and services.

It is considered important that all people in Hollywood follow this order.

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Response to COVID-19

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has not ordered a statewide shelter in place or lockdown, as some other states and cities have. But during recent video conferences, he has encouraged Florida residents to practice social distancing in public places.

A number of political leaders have strongly encouraged DeSantis to issue a statewide lockdown, but DeSantis said it would be difficult to enforce and would cause more people to lose income.

DeSantis is taking a more aggressive approach towards travelers from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, though. He has ordered that all people arriving from these states shelter in place for 14 days.

DeSantis said that when New York issued its shelter in place order, many people from the State of New York took flights to Florida.

President Donald Trump declared that Florida is a now a major disaster area after DeSantis requested that Trump do so.   

Websites for COVID-19 Updates

For updated information from the Florida Department of Health, click here.

For updated information from the Broward County District School Board, click here.

For updated information from the City of Hollywood, click here.

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