Daniel Most is the new principal at Hollywood Hills High School

Daniel Most is the new principal at Hollywood Hills High School. Last year he was an assistant principal at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

“I was given a great opportunity to become the principal of Hollywood Hills which is a great high school,” he said. “This school has many good programs and opportunities for students. A young person can be very successful here.

Most has an enthusiastic attitude about education and helping young people succeed. He wants every student at Hollywood Hills to have a chance at academic and personal success. “My philosophy is to be deliberate, data driven and detail oriented,” he said.

Most believes it is important to be detail oriented when making hiring decisions about teachers. He believes it is important to use data in assessing student performance. He believes it is important to use data from standardized tests to see how students are doing academically.  Most also believes regular quizzes and chapter tests are important to assessing student progress.

Preparing students for a successful future is important. Most wants students to know about the many college opportunities that are available.

Because of COVID-19, how high school will be conducted in the fall has not been determined. But Most wants as many traditional opportunities as possible. “I was on the football and track teams in high school and I learned the importance of hard work by participating in sports. I believe school activities are important and I want them to take place this year,” he said.

Most began his career education at Everglades High School where he was a social studies teacher. He then became an assistant principal at Everglades. After success there, he moved to Marjory Stoneman Douglas to serve as an assistant principal.

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