Developer abandons plans for Sunset Golf Course

There was recently a simmering controversy involving the Sunset Golf Course. A number of residents have spoken out against building homes on the nine-hole golf course but at this time, nothing is happening on the property located at 2727 Johnson Street between I-95 and 26th Avenue.

There are people who would like to keep the land as a green space and an open space. They posted signs saying “Keep Sunset Golf Course Green, No Development.”  News about plans to develop the Sunset Golf Course first surfaced when the proposed developer came before the city’s economic development roundtable, an informal group of city staff members that provide feedback on redevelopment proposals. That developer is CMC Sunset Investments. They indicated an interest in developing the land now occupied by the Sunset Golf Course and putting homes there, according to Raelin Storey, spokesperson for Hollywood.

For this development to move forward would have required a land use amendment that would involve the city, county and various state and federal agencies. It would require platting at the county level. It would also require site plan approval and rezoning at the city level.  

Vice Mayor Patricia Asseff would have liked to see the Sunset Golf Course site developed. “There is a developer who wants to get a land use plan change to put in single family homes that would be affordable. The developer would build about 300 to 350 homes,” said Asseff.   “I think it would be a good thing for Hollywood,” said Asseff. “We don’t have any more construction for new homes. It would be great for young families and professionals who need affordable housing. I want to change the land use to allow for residential housing.”

On March 19, 2014 Hollywood Mayor Peter Bober announced the developer has decided, for several reasons, not to move forward with their plans.


Mayor Bober is against development of the Sunset Golf Course. “I drew line in the sand and said it in a public way. I will only support park space, open space, or recreational green space on the Sunset Golf Course in the future.  The economy has been difficult, the course tends to flood so people are playing less golf there. My goal is to have a town hall meeting where residents can express their thoughts on that property. People in Hollywood share my sentiment, they want to keep it green and don’t want a housing development there,” said Bober.




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