Downtown Hollywood Business Association Redevelops

Downtown hollywood business association

An effort is being made to redevelop the Downtown Hollywood Business Association to foster constructive relationships between local governments and officials, private businesses, organizations and citizens.

Downtown Hollywood business owner Don Weimer is leading the Association and recently made a presentation the new DHBA goals at the North Central Hollywood Civic Association meeting.

The priorities include development and support for the long-term economic stability of Historic Downtown Hollywood and to preserve Downtown Hollywood’s beauty and character.

Another goal will be to have advocacy and representation for Downtown merchants, business and property owners and their successes and concerns at all levels of government. It is important to encourage people want to visit Downtown Hollywood as a unique destination for dining, entertainment, the arts, retail and events, according to Weimer.

The DHBA will integrate four points into a comprehensive strategy to produce changes in the downtown’s economic base.

Organization: A framework will be built that will have representation by merchants, property owners, business professionals, public officials, the chamber of commerce and local economic development organizations. This framework will allow everyone to work together and provide stability to maintain a long=term effort.

Promotion: Through promotion and marketing focused on image development and customer traffic, the DHBA will work to create excitement for downtown business development, street festivals, parades and other events. Promotion will involve consistent messages and images, enticing to visitors, shoppers and investors.

Design: Work will take place with members, government agencies and departments and non-profit organizations to enhance Downtown Hollywood. There will be a focus on historic building rehabilitation, building appearance and maintenance. There will colorful banners and improvements to landscaping, lighting and security.

Economic Restructuring: Work will be done with members, government agencies and departments, businesses and other non-profit organizations to analyze current market forces with the goal of developing long term solutions for the recruitment of new businesses, the conversion of unused spaces for new purposes and improving the competitiveness of Downtown Hollywood’s stores, restaurants, arts and entertainment venues.

To join the revitalized DHBA, apply here:

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