Downtown Hollywood seeks to attract mixed-use, high-density development with relaxed zoning regulations in the RAC

A national trend to develop downtown areas into community hubs with a strong “sense of place” has proven to appeal to demographic shifts, lifestyle preferences, and provide for improved mobility options– driving the desire for urban living.

Meanwhile, Downtown Hollywood’s commercial tax base has been at a standstill.  City planners cite current regulations that prohibit the kind of density and quality development needed to attract private investment a key factor resulting in the sluggish growth of the area.

According to the city, the existing zoning has an array of issues, the majority of which are related to uses:

  • the limitation of uses
  • the adjacency of those uses
  • inadequate transitions between uses
  • majority of zoning categories do not encourage mixed-uses

Build it and they will come

Established in 1990, Hollywood’s Regional Activity Center (RAC) covers an area of more than 1,450 acres; it includes important commercial and residential corridors along Federal and Dixie Highway as well as a portion of Hollywood Boulevard.

The RAC is a high intensity, high density, multi-use area designed as appropriate for growth by the local government.

The City’s Planning and Development Board and Historic Preservation Board held a joint meeting on Tuesday, July 19, 2016 to vote on zoning recommendations for Hollywood’s Regional Activity Center. They voted for a recommendation to the Commission that the RAC be rezoned to encourage more development.  The Commission will consider the recommendation at an upcoming meeting.

Currently, the area’s zoning is limited. In order to attract the right kind of development, the right regulatory framework needs to be in place. The purpose of the RAC is to provide that.

The area is intended to encourage attractive and functional mixed living, working, shopping, education and recreational activities. By encouraging mass transit and reducing the need for cars, city planners intend to create regulations that promote quality development that will lead to a flourishing Downtown in Hollywood.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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