June 2019 Downtown Parkside Royal Poinciana Civic Association Update

The Downtown Parkside Royal Poinciana Civic Association met on June 4 to discuss a new housing development planned for Emerald Hills. It will include at least 250 units but the plans discussed indicated the development will have 400 housing units. They will probably be town homes and apartment units.

There was some discussion about the problem of homelessness in certain areas of Hollywood. Also there was concern about the amount of noise late into the night in downtown nightclubs that a growing number of residents are complaining about.

The Sun Shuttle is getting underway and so far it has been well received. The City and Hollywood CRA launched the free, electric shuttle service officially known as the Sun Shuttle By Circuit. Up to five passengers can ride on a Sun Shuttle at one time. There are no minimum number of riders per trip.

It is being offered in Downtown Hollywood, the Federal Highway Corridor, and Hollywood Beach. Riders can catch the Shuttle with an on-demand app service, wave to a shuttle fleet driver and go to a shuttle stop.

Commissioner Peter Hernandez said there is possibility of a public private project that would mean more soccer fields where the Armory building is now located. There is also possibility of a new development project where the Lippman Center and the shuffleboard courts are located.

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