Dr. Miranti Murphy is a finalist for Broward teacher of the year

Dr. Miranti Murphy is a finalist for Broward Teacher of the Year

A passion for helping children to achieve their full academic potential. This has been a defining part of Dr. Miranti Murphy’s professional life.

A literacy coach at Boulevard Heights Elementary School, Murphy is a Broward County Public School’s finalist for teacher of the year. She has been an educator for 36 years. Her first 30 years were in the classroom and the following six years were as a literacy coach. She will often work closely with students who are struggling with reading, and looks for ways to help them become proficient in reading. She works with data analysis to help students achieve success as readers.

“I want to influence children to become life-long learners,” she said. “I want to be able to start with where a child is and help the child achieve their next level of success. I know some children feel frustrated and I want to help overcome those frustrations and make learning gains.”

Murphy deals with many children facing various difficulties. Some are dealing with autism, others may be dealing with family problems. Often it is a matter of finding a way to get a child interested in reading. “I look for ways to engage children in reading. I look to what a child is interested in reading about.”

Also, Murphy must develop effective relationships with adults. She has to work with teachers who are struggling to motivate children. She must work with parents who may not know how to motivate their children to read. “I work with children and teachers. I build relationships with teachers and adults,” she said.

Juan Alejo, the principal of Boulevard Heights, has been very impressed with Murphy’s work. “She is very innovative and uses data to make improvements. She always looks for ways to get more refined. She is a go getter. We are all very proud of her,”  said Alejo.

He considers her as a leader in the school. He has been impressed with her leadership skills and ability to work effectively with teachers, administrators, parents, and teachers. “I want her to be recognized for her accomplishments,” said Alejo.

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