Drive-through Testing Anticipated to be Operational by End of Week for High Risk Population

Gov. Ron DeSantis declares a State of Emergency in response to Coronavirus

Memorial Healthcare System is working in collaboration with the Governor’s Office to help expanding COVID-19 testing by setting up a community site for collection. According to their website, they “hope to have this up and running by end of this week,” working alongside Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and the National Guard.

More about the site from Memorial:

  • The drive-through site will not be open to all for collection for testing.
  • Collection for the testing is not being performed on asymptomatic patients.
  • We are trying to provide this service for our highest risk patient population.
  • There will be strict criteria, which is currently under development.
  • It’s important that we set this site away from the hospitals, and Memorial is looking at a location in the general vicinity of Flamingo Road and Pines Boulevard.
  • Patients who are not ill should not come to the hospital.
  • Please use MemorialDocNow or primary care physicians instead to assess symptoms.

For more information, read the CDC and Florida Department of Health sites.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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