Environmental Groups Converge at Carpenter House on Hollywood Beach for Art Festival and Beach Clean Up

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Fish art made of discarded flip-flops found during beach cleanups that were displayed at an Art and Environmental Festival at the Carpenter House.

Free Our Seas and Beyond recently hosted an Environmental Art Festival at the Carpenter House.  A group of artists provided exhibits and while non-profit organizations were on site promoting the importance of caring for ocean life.


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These are members of Conserving Our Reefs at Artificial Levels. It is a club at South Broward High School that is working to restore coral reefs off the coast of South Florida. Their goal is to build an artificial reef off the South Florida Coast.

Manon Wiese co-chaired the Festival and is very concerned about the state of the oceans. She’s leading an effort to get rid of single-use plastic items. Liz Forde, a member of Free Our Seas and Beyond stressed it is important to bring awareness of the problem of plastic debris in the ocean and the beaches.

There was a large beach cleanup event early during the event. Those who came could also see Captain, a rescued sea turtle that lives in pool at the Carpenter House.


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Rich Aube President of the Hollywood Lions Club and fellow club members participated in a beach clean up at the Environmental Festival at the Carpenter House.


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Catherine Uden and her husband Neil Uden of the Surfriders Foundation. They are standing on artwork made from trash collected during beach cleanups.
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Manon Weise and Catherine Uden on artwork created from trash collected from beach cleanups.
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