Erin Brown Named Assistant Principal of the Year at Hollywood Hills High

Erin brown named assistant principal of the year

Erin Brown has a passion for teaching and cares deeply for the students and teachers at Hollywood Hills High School.

Brown is an assistant principal at Hollywood Hills High School and was recently named assistant principal of the year for the Broward County School District. She was pleased with the recognition and hopes to one day become a high school principal.

“For me, it was a huge honor to be recognized among educators who work hard every day. Being an assistant principal is a rewarding job,” said Brown.

She and other assistant principals work on curriculum and provide support to teachers They also work in the area of school operations. They work to ensure that students have a secure learning environment.

Brown believes in working hard as an educator and going above and beyond. “When I was a teacher, I did extra duties like helping with the buses, lunch duty and working with Saturday school,” she said.

Now Brown is completing the educational and training requirements to become a principal. She is serving as an intern principal. She believes it is important to be supportive to the staff as a leader.

“I believe it important to know the staff and their talents. I believe it is important to listen to the stakeholders; parents, students and staff and to address their needs. I believe in the importance of building relationships.”

Brown also said, “What matters most when educating our students, is teaching our students morals, perseverance, and a strong work ethic. Throughout my career, I have learned that modeling the behavior you wish our students to exhibit, as well as establishing a caring relationship, will assist students in meeting the expectations set for them.”

Author: Amanda Jones
Author: Amanda Jones

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