First-time event at TY Park teaches children basics of water safety

A bigger-than-expected group of young people learned the basics of swimming and water safety at an event called Splash Your Way to Water Safety, held at The Lagoon at Castaway Island Water Park in TY Park. The event was organized by the Pediatric Associates Foundation and received support from several other organizations. There were six safety stations where children could learn the basics of water safety. Three were held in water and three were held out of water. They learned about boating safety, water safety, basic water skills and how to help a person who is drowning. Basic swimming lessons were also given.

Meredith Troy of Pediatrics Associates said drowning is a major cause of death among young children and one that can be prevented by teaching children and adults about water safety. About

Jean-Paul Marquez enjoys boating on the pool between his father, Sebastian Marquez, and his grandmother, Gladys Thompson.

3,000 people came to the first-time event. A disc jockey provided entertainment and there was a variety of vendors present.

Sebastian Marquez enjoyed spending time in a small boat in the pool with his son Jean-Paul Marquez and the boy’s grandmother Gladys Thompson. “This was an amazing event,” he said.

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