Florida International Terminal Opens New Terminal at Port Everglades

Florida International Terminal (FIT), LLC celebrated the opening of a 32-acre terminal for containerized cargo a Port Everglades. This will double the number of entry gates and the addition of new scales, heavy equipment, new technology, and more stacking capacity. FIT is one of the largest cargo terminal operators at the Port. This relocation is the largest capital improvement project in the Port’s history.

The improvements include six lanes entering the terminal with scales and two outbound lanes. There will be an appointment system so trucks don’t have to idle their engines for long periods while waiting. There will be a VIP lane for refrigerated cargo. There will be a new yard tractor fleet and upgraded container handling equipment. There will be resilient information technology systems with quick disaster recovery abilities and the addition of up to 350 new power plugs for refrigerated containers.

Over the past fiscal year, FIT experienced 17 percent growth with about 226,000 TEUs which are 20- foot equivalent units, the industry standard measurement for container volumes. Perishable cargo accounts for about 15 percent of FIT’s total containers volume.

The terminal yard is now 32 acres but eventually, it will expand to 46 acres. These improvements will provide a more efficient operation at the Port. “This is very important for the Port. This will mean additional cargo passing through the Port and it will mean more jobs,” said Glenn Wiltshire, deputy director for the Port.

FIT Vice President and General Manager Klaus Stadthagen are pleased with this new development. “We have installed a lot of new technology to better monitor gate traffic and what is happening throughout the terminal. By improving efficiency, we are helping our customers, the shipping lines, develop their business. Our success is dependent upon our customers’ success.

Also, in November, Terminal 25 will open. This terminal will accommodate the new ship Celebrity Edge. Efforts are being made to attract more cruise ships to Port Everglades. As more ships to come to the Port, more passengers will spend time in the Hollywood area and eat in restaurants and stay in hotels. This means more economic development for Hollywood.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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