Foster Children to Learn About Veterinary Medicine and Interact with Animals to Help Heal Emotional Wounds

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On Saturday, August 24 from 3 to 6 p.m. Animal Hospital of Ft. Lauderdale will host the second interactive learning event organized by Pets Help the Heart Heal Inc. Developed by veterinarian and partner, Dr. Stephanie Jones, after looking for a way to use the hospital and the animals as a way to help children, the non-profit organization offers foster children the opportunity to learn about veterinary medicine and interact with animals to help heal the feelings of abandonment, abuse, rejection and grief.  


“We’ve designed this to be a fun-filled event where youth of all ages can participate and experience the human animal bond while learning about the many kinds of veterinary careers available to them,” said Dr. Jones. “Even more importantly, the unconditional love from the animals can break hurt and grief and give them a reason to smile.” 

Organizations set to participate include PACE Center for Girls, SOS Children’s Villages, Voices for Children and 4KIDS. Canine Assisted Therapy and select clients will provide animals for the event. The event will showcase veterinary medicine, veterinary care and a day-in-the-life of a veterinarian. An interactive opportunity, participants will experience a physical exam, read x-rays, and learn about surgical attire, medical devices, parasites and environmental things that are toxic to pets.

The event also will feature representatives from careers in the animal industry other than veterinary medicine including groomers, kennel attendants, assistants and trainers.   

Throughout the educational presentations, participants will get to experience “puppy love” sessions with a variety of breeds, ages and sizes.   

“It’s exciting to use our practice to bring a bit of healing, fun and a little education to children in need,” said Dr. Jones. Food and refreshments will be provided. 

Animals were first incorporated in mental health therapy in the early eighteenth century. Today there are a number of programs throughout the United States that use animals in a service capacity. 

To learn more about Pets Help the Heart Heal contact Dr. Stephanie Jones or phone at (954)998-2557.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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