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Say “Hello” to the ‘Alliance for Limitless Living and Inclusion’, or ‘ALL-IN’  for short: Hollywood’s first ever Adaptive Beach Day. 

What is an Adaptive Beach Day? Simply put, it’s going to be a day at Hollywood Beach for people with disabilities.  Many people of all ages and walks of life in our community live with some sort of physical or otherwise “invisible” disability or limitation that can prevent them from enjoying things most of us may consider simple, or even take for granted. 

For some, things such as a day at the beach, some time in the water a bike ride down the Broadwalk, can be impossible! Whatever the case, it takes a group of trained therapists and volunteers to make all of this possible, and ALL-IN is looking forward to bringing this to our beach soon!

Originally planned for early May, in collaboration with the Hollywood Jaycees and a variety of local partners, Team ALL-IN will be hosting the first ever “ALL-IN Beach Days” at Hollywood Beach. The event will take place in front of the Hollywood Beach Theater Bandshell near the Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort, and will offer participants three different experiences: An Adaptive Ocean Experience, Broadwalk Bike Rides, and a special “beach games” area for participants seeking more of a low-key beach experience. 

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Photo compliments of Sun & Fun Cycles, Hollywood Beach

Entertainment, snacks and other fun activities are also being considered. The extra time the team has now to plan will give them, like all the teams, the time to make the events, when they happen, to be even grander than the original plans!

Due to the nature of the event, only a limited number of spots will be available for each activity. More information and registration for the event will be available online as plans are made more definite.

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