Four Leadership Hollywood Projects’ Planning Continues and Adjusts Through Pandemic

Leadership Hollywood Gears Up for 2020 Projects — Despite Delays

The F.A.C.E. of History

Sponsored by the Hollywood Historical Society

The next project is The F.A.C.E. of History — Florida’s Alliance of Collective Experiences (A Coalition to Protect & Preserve Our Historical Landmarks).  And this project team, faced with the current situation, is taking their assignment literally. They have transformed their original project — creating an umbrella organization of Historical Societies throughout South Florida — into a project documenting this historic period of history-in-the-making by creating a photo study of Hollywood in the COVID-19 Era.

The new working title of the project is “Capturing this Moment: Hollywood, Florida During the Covid-19 Pandemic” and the plan now is to create an online exhibit marking this historic time. Then, reports the team, they plan to extend an invitation to other historical societies to join the effort.

They will be hosting the online exhibit on a shell virtual platform, to give the other groups a glimpse of what is possible through a shared website.

Hand-written and stamped invites from the FACE of History project team
Hand-written and stamped invites from the FACE of History project team

The creation of the umbrella organization will be a groundbreaking legacy, designed to protect and preserve Hollywood’s historical landmarks and to build a coalition with our neighboring cities and counties to do the same.

The stated goals for the new organization are to:

(1) Create a place where all Historical Societies can communicate. 

(2) Learn more about what other Historical Societies are doing. 

(3) Share ideas and look for opportunities to collaborate with other Historical Societies, and 

(4) Broaden the network and develop new relationships between them. 

According to the team, the idea is to create a space where all the organizations can work together, develop strategic alliances, and gain new insights into preservation efforts. Essentially, they are building an alliance to further the mission to protect and preserve the history of our city and all of South Florida. 

Hollywood’s historical landmarks, rooted since 1925, are part of our everyday lives, they say, and we want to keep them safe from harm, and keep their memories alive.

Going forward, the organizers will be looking for people who understand why old places matter.

“YOU are the FACE of history!” is what this team believes, and they, with the Hollywood Historical Society, are looking for ambassadors who will speak to the new organization’s future. 

To become an ambassador or to contribute to the projects, or for additional information, email  

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