Free Academic Tutoring Program to Continue for Young Hollywood Students

Hollywood children who need some extra academic help will continue to receive it because of a tutoring program being offered through the City of Hollywood.  The project is funded by a grant from the Children’s Services Council’s Maximizing Out of School Time (M.O.S.T) program and is provided by the Russell Life Skills Reading Foundation, doing business as the Russell Education Foundation.

The $94,000 annual contract, which runs from August 2017 through June 2018, provides tutoring for two hours per day (4-6pm) for four days a week with Broward County certified teachers, during the after school  M.O.S.T. Program.  The after school program currently services 95 participants ages 5-12 years in two sites: the  Kay Gaither and McNicol Community Centers, both located in Hollywood.

In addition to the after school tutoring, the program will include a nine week Academic Summer Camp for three hours per day  (9 am -12 pm) per day for four days a week in 2018.  The Summer Camp program will serve a maximum of 400 participants at four sites:  Kay Gaither, MLK, McNicol and Washington Park Community Centers, again for kids ages 5-12 years.

“I think the M.O.S.T. camp really benefits students and helps them develop new skills. There is traditionally a lack of focus on academics during the summer but this camp keeps them moving ahead,” said Raelin Storey, a spokesperson for the Hollywood city government.

As part of the agreement, Russell must keep the student to teacher ratio at no greater than 30 kids to each teacher, and all teachers must be Broward County Certified with at least 5 years of experience.

The Russell Education Foundation, with its after school program The Russell Life Skills and Reading Foundation,  has been involved with the City Recreation program for the past several years and has had a great impact on our participants and communities as well as the City’s interests.   The Russell Life Skills Program model has been proven to promote students to the next grade levels in addition to improving post-test assessments,  reading levels and bench mark progress in math and science.

Picture of Author: Amanda Jones
Author: Amanda Jones

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