Free Seminar Series On Preparing For College Starts Aug. 26 at Stirling Road Library

The Stirling Library Friends Group, in partnership with International College Counselors, is offering a four-session seminar, free and open to all students in Grades 8-12 and their parents.

The seminar will provide real and practical answers to crucial questions about the college admissions process. How can students get into their college of choice? How early should students start the college admissions process? What should students do now to prepare for college admissions?   Learn what students need to do in high school in order to stand out, improve their odds of admission, and make a college want them.

The seminar is given at the Stirling Road Library at 3151 Stirling Road, Hollywood, FL 33312. The specific dates and topics are as follows (click on the link below each topic to pre-register):

August 26 at 2 pm
College Admissions: What to Look for and How to Get In!  

August 30 at 6:30pm
Applying to Ivy League and Highly Selective Colleges

September 30 at 2 pm
Applying to Four Year Universities in Florida

October 3 at 6:30 pm
How to Choose a College

About the presenter:
The college advisors at International College Counselors,, help students select, apply to, and gain acceptance into the college of their dreams. Through a personalized, one-on-one approach, students and their families receive individualized plans to successfully navigate the college admission process.

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