Friends of the Stirling Road Branch Library honor members

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The Friends of the Stirling Road Branch Library honored members of the “The Stirling Circle” during a special event at the Gallery of Amazing Things. “The Stirling Circle” is a newly formed group of members who have donated $50 or more or through participation in the Dedicate-A-Shelf program.

Julie Mukamal, co-president of the Friends of the Stirling Road Branch Library said, “These are people who very committed to the library and the programs the library offers.” 

Hannah Hostyk, co-president of the Friends was also pleased that people are eager to support the library and its programs. She said many of the library’s educational and cultural programs are made possible because of support from the Friends.

During the reception, members of Friends listened to a lecture on some of the ceramic items on display. Then they were invited to enjoy the Ceramics and Glass Fair being held at the Gallery of Amazing Things.

The Friends’ group began when the Stirling Road Branch Library opened in 2003 and has worked hard to raise funds and support for the library. The group now has more than 320 members.

Broward County Commissioner Beam Furr, a librarian, is impressed with the Friends. “This is the biggest library support group in Broward County and the most active. They have really made it a strong community center and taken creative engagement to another level. They offer classes and high quality programs,” said Furr.

The Friends of the Stirling Road Branch Library has been recognized by the Florida Library Association as the 2015 recipient of the Eileen Brunner Membership Development Award, the only Friends group in Florida to receive this honor. This award is given to the Friends group which has demonstrated the most dramatic increase in membership, based on the quality of membership materials, campaign objectives and achievement. 


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