Friends of the Stirling Road Branch Library receive award

The Friends of the Stirling Road Branch Library recently received some special recognition for their work in the community.

The organization, which produced a successful video on why people love the library received a 2016 National Friends of the Libraries Week Award for events the organization held at the library. The award was given by United for Libraries, a division of the American Library association. It was an honorable mention, one of four in the United States.

Members produced selfies called a “Gallery of Friends” describing why they support the Stirling Road Branch Library. “We want our library to reflect the community. We do this by holding events that reflect the needs of the community. We have a strong volunteer group and we offer online courses, classes, art programs, lecture series, children’s programming, book reviews and partnership events which organizations Cinema Paradiso and the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood among others,” said Fern Canter, a member of the Friends’ Board.

Hannah Hostyk, co-president of the Friends was pleased with the recognition and is especially proud of the work that the more than 400 members of Friends have been doing over the years. The organization has instituted a very successful story time program for children. Parents learn how to read a story to their young children. Friends has created a computer program for high school and middle school students. The Friends works with students at Hollywood Hills High School and has established SAT and college preparedness programs for them.

“Family of our members show support by attending the events we put on,” said Hostyk.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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