From Minecraft to Drones: STEM Camp at South Broward High School Provides Unlimited Opportunities for Kids to Foster Tech Skills

Stem camp at south broward high school

Young people are learning about computer technology, robots and how to build and fly drones at a STEM camp at South Broward High School. The young people have an interest in computers and engineering and the instructors are students or recent graduates of South Broward.

“We offer engineering, game design, coding and rocket launch computer simulations. This year we are offering a program where the students can assemble and learn to fly drones,” said Darin Koch, who runs the camp.

The campers can learn about coding and how to develop games like Minecraft. They are actually learning how to put a drone together and then how to fly them.

“With Minecraft, you can create your own world. The kids are creating roller coasters and designing amusement parks. They can create an automated house and even an automated farm. They can create a water system to grow crops,” said Koch.

During a recent morning, the campers enjoyed spending time coding and developing games. They are learning from the best. Connor Wellins, is an instructor and a former STEM camper. He is a top math student at South Broward. “This camp opened my eyes to game design. I began to do better in school. I love math and teaching kids about game design,” he said.

Stem camp at south broward high school
Stem camp at south broward high school

Alex Antanaitis enjoys working with the kids in the camp.  He recently graduated from South Broward. “They’re interested in computers and I’m showing them how to code,” he said.

Anna Polanco, a top student at South Broward loves teaching children about coding and technology. “It’s fun to work with the kids and teach them about coding and how to move robots,” she said.

Sebastian Schreiber, a member of the South Broward Robotics team is teaching children about drone technology. “I am teaching them about the parts of drones,” he said.

Many of the kids who participate in the STEM camp become interested in the technology programs that are offered at South Broward High School.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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