From Trash to Apartments: City Moves Forward to Redevelop Old Dump in Hillcrest

Hollywood commission ranks park road development first for large project

A 30.6-acre parcel of land that has been the site of the city’s public works facility may be turned into a residential mixed-use neighborhood if negotiations with a developer are satisfactory.

Following a recent special meeting of the Hollywood City Commission, Park Road Development LLC was ranked first to develop the land which is also used as a trash dump.

The developer plans to build a 315 apartment home project on the site in addition to a supermarket and retail stores. The property is located west of I-95 from Pembroke Road to Hillcrest Drive.

Because much of the land was used as a dump, there will be additional costs to clean up the site.

The City of Hollywood projects it will take about 18 months to gain approvals for the project and about two to three years to build.

Now, the City of Hollywood will negotiate an agreement with Park Road Development LLC to redevelop the land. The negotiated agreement will have to be reviewed and approved by both the city manager and city attorney.

If Park Road Development LLC is unable to arrange a deal with the City of Hollywood, the city will move to the second-ranked firm, Bridge Development LLC — who want to build a large warehouse facility on the site with a focus on industrial development.

In total, the City of Hollywood received four bids:

  • Park Road Development LLC
  • Bridge Development LLC
  • Immo Corp Ventures
  • Prologis

According to the resolution agreed upon by the City Commission during the special meeting, the process to choose a developer began on May 14, 2018, when the bid was opened online. An evaluation committee was formed on July 1, 2018, to review the bids and rank them according to set criteria.

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