Gov. Ron DeSantis Issues Stay at Home Order for the Entire State

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis issued a stay at home order for the entire state. It will go into effect on Friday morning at 12:01 a.m. and last for 30 days.

According to DeSantis’ order, people can only leave their homes for essential reasons, such as:

  • obtaining groceries,
  • going to healthcare providers,
  • buying gas,
  • and going to the bank.

People can also attend religious services, care for loved ones, care for pets, and exercise if they practice social distancing. People age 65 and older, or those with underlying medical conditions, are advised to be especially careful during this time.  

Early in the week, DeSantis had issued a Safer Inside order for Monroe, Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. DeSantis has been criticized by health care officials and other political leaders for not issuing a statewide stay at home order earlier.

There are now about 7,000 COVID-17 cases in Florida, and more are expected.

Author: Amanda Jones
Author: Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones specializes in social media marketing. She holds a Master's degree in Social Media Management from the University of Florida and a Social Media Professional Certificate from the University of Miami.


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