Government News: Week of January 22

Government News: Week of January 16th

Hollywood Commission agrees to major expenditures

The Hollywood Commission approved major expenditures during a recent meeting:

  1. The Commisison agreed for city leaders to execute an agreement with Brown and Caldwell Corporation to provide construction administration/management services for the drilling of deep injection wells Number 3 and 4 at the Southern Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant in an amount not to exceed $3,298,684.

2. The Commission agreed the renewal of the existing agreement with Biosolids Distribution Services for removal and disposal of biosolids in an estimated annual expenditure of $1,550,000.

3. The Commission agreed to allow the city manager to seek loan proposals during fiscal year 2020 to borrow funds in a principal amount not to exceed $11,700,000 to finance capital improvement projects in fiscal year 2020.

International Logistics Center under construction at Port Everglades

Construction on the Port Everglades International Logistics Center is now underway. It is being built on nearly 17 acres on the west side of McIntosh Road.

The project involves two buildings. One will be completed in June 2020 and the other in September 2020.

The buildings will be mostly warehouses, including refrigerated warehouse units. There will be some office space.

The entire Logistics Center will be designated as a foreign trade zone. It is a special U.S. Customs protection facility where goods can come in and be repackaged or re-labeled and then sent out to another foreign country. This means companies distributing products through the foreign trade can save money on reduced customs duties or even eliminate customs duties.

The new buildings will be far more modern and efficient than the current foreign trade zone buildings, which will be demolished.

The current foreign trade zone buildings are 18 feet high. The new International Logistics Center warehouses will be 32 feet high.

The new International Logistics Center will be constructed on Port Everglades property through a public/private partnership with CenterPoint properties, according to Ellen Kennedy, spokesperson for the Port.

Work on ILA projects begins

A presentation on programs receiving funding from the Interlocal Agreement program was made during a recent Hollywood Commission meeting.

The Neighborhood Pride Program is currently receiving funding from the ILA. The Neighborhood Pride Program focuses on owner occupied housing rehabilitation, and first time homebuyer purchasing assistance. In addition, they provide:

  1. Single family rental assistance
  2. Infrastructure improvements
  3. Program to help relocate people who will work in target industries
  4. And training for people who will work in target industries.

The owner – occupied housing rehabilitation budget is $2,024,231. There have been a total of 192 applicants, and the process of determining if those applicants are eligible to be part of the program is underway.

The relocation assistance budget is about $100,000 and the work skills training program is $200,000. The work skills program is focused on the building and construction trades and involves Broward College, Sheridan Technical College, and other training providers.

The demonstration blocks where various improvements will be made include areas where there is a high visibility, many properties with homestead exemptions, and areas with the greatest impact.

District One involves Shenandoah Street from North Federal Highway to 15th Avenue. It includes the east part of South Broward High School. There is a high incidence of parking in the swales. District Two involves Washington Street from 24th Terrace to 24th Avenue. It is a highly traveled east – west corridor. Many of the roofs in this area need repair.

District Three involves North 26th Avenue from Taft Street to Scott Street. There are aging and deteriorating fences. District Four and Five involves North 6th Avenue to Freedom Street. The fences there need to be repaired. The Sixth District involves South 63rd Avenue from Rodman Street to Dewey Street. The sidewalks, driveways and swales need improvements.

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